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Cybersecurity Awareness

October is National Cybersecurity Protection month. So it’s the perfect occasion to consider how you might strengthen the precautions you take when you’re online to reduce the potential for becoming a victim of cybersecurity crimes.

Let’s start with a few basics when you’re online:

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An Important Reminder Before Year End

A big surprise may lie ahead for seniors who itemize medical expense deductions on their federal tax return beginning on January 1, 2017.

One of the provisions included in the Affordable Care Act legislation passed by Congress in 2010 raised the floor for medical expenses that could be taken as itemized deductions from a threshold which exceeded 7.5% to a new threshold of 10% of

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When Heavy Rains Turn Into Disaster

News reports of devastating flooding following very heavy rains in recent days show how easily lives and memories accumulated over a lifetime can forever change – and quickly – for those who are impacted by floods.

Some homes in areas that were nowhere near a body of water and which had never had any threats from flooding in the past became surprise victims of flooding for the very first time ever.

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5 Tips for Organizing Your Financial Records

Over the past few months I’ve realized that I’ve fallen into poor habits when it comes to keeping my personal financial records organized. It’s so easy to let a month’s documents awaiting attention slip by when we’re very busy. Or worse, to create a new ‘stack’ of items because there’s simply no room to jam one more statement into the file cabinet.

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Your Grocery Cart and Your Portfolio

Peanut butter and jelly. Apple ice and ice cream. Baseball and hot dogs. Your grocery cart and your portfolio.

What?? Your grocery cart and your portfolio may seem an unlikely combination. Yet they may have more similarities that you realize.

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Your Auto Policy: Worth Another Look

A few days ago when my automobile insurance renewal policy arrived, I did my usual — clipped out the liability identification cards, glanced at the total premium and reached over to file it away.

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