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Our Process

woman-687560_640Whether you’re seeking project-based planning, retainer-based planning services or ongoing portfolio management, we begin every new client relationship using the following process of exploration and action:

Explore your current needs and objectives in detail.

Using the new client questionnaire as a starting point, we focus on more than just your money.  What are your dreams for retirement?  What do you want to do with the assets you’ve accumulated to date?  Does money keep you up a night?  What are your fears about money?  These questions – and your answers – form the foundation for our work together.

Define your financial “big picture”.

Through further inquiry and careful listening, we will help you understand your financial “big picture,” including the things that impact your potential for an optimal outcome.  We’ll assess areas such as what are your investment risks?  How much time do you have left to save for retirement?  How much debt are you carrying – and is it “good debt” or “bad debt”?  What are your spending habits and are they aligned with your income level and financial goals?  Are you investments tax-diversified?

Create your personal action plan.

With a clear understanding of your challenges and opportunities, we will be ready to recommend next steps and work with you in helping make the most of what you have today in support of your future goals.

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