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Who We Work With

Clients may have a current issue that’s prompting some questions or perhaps have reached a time when their accumulated assets are at the level they feel they would benefit from having a professional provide an independent assessment for their finances.

Or perhaps they consider their time as very valuable and would prefer spending free time on things that they enjoy, rather than being consumed with monitoring the details for each area pertaining to their finances.

We work with clients from all walks of life. There are no minimum income, net worth or portfolio size requirements.

Our clients may be single individuals, newlyweds, perhaps someone who is starting over following the loss of a spouse or divorce, couples who are building a nice nest egg or folks who are at the brink of or in retirement who want to use their nest egg and retirement resources most efficiently.

Yet they share a common goal – that of making sound financial decisions, based around personalized advice for their own circumstances.

What We Look For In Clients

We believe the first step in a successful client/advisor relationship is a desire to achieve a goal. Fulton Financial Planning, Inc. seeks clients who are motivated to improve their financial lives.

We enjoy working with individuals who appreciate the value of professional advice, the satisfaction derived from keeping things simple and understandable and who value honesty and transparency as cornerstones for the working relationship.

Is This You?

Do these attributes describe you?

If so, give us a call today to schedule a complimentary Get Acquainted meeting!

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